Wednesday, May 24, 2017

KINDERGARTEN . . . An Aesop Illustration!

Illustration by Asha

In our Kindergarten art class, we shared a story as first told by Aesop over 2000 years ago in Greece. Aesop's Fables is a collection of stories featuring animals as the lead characters. Even though his messages are told through the animals, Aesop teaches us important lessons about how people can better relate to each other. A well known fable by Aesop is "The Tortoise and the Hare." We were all very familiar with this story and many of us knew that it is about animals who run a race. The hare being such a fast animal is so confident in his ability to beat the tortoise that he stops and takes a nap. The tortoise walks right by the sleeping rabbit and wins the race. The moral of this story is "Slow and steady wins the race." We talked about how it is not always a good thing to rush in art class. The first person to finish their project is not always doing their best. Taking your time and being more careful with your work and with the supplies often means you create a better looking drawing or painting.

We then shared another fable, "The Lion and the Mouse." In this story, Aesop entertains us with the idea that a small mouse might be able to save a ferocious lion from the trap of hunters. To read this entire story and play a fun interactive game based on the characters in the tale, click on this link to The Library of Congress Aesop for Children website!

Here are more of our wonderful illustrations for Aesop's fable. To see all of our work, follow this link to our home page at ...

Illustration by Marc
Illustration by Andrew

Illustration by Bella

Illustration by Shiven

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