Monday, May 23, 2016

FIFTH GRADE . . . Creativity and me.

Painting by Grace
Inspired by the the artwork of Edgar Degas

Painting by Hamin
Inspired by the artwork of Keith Haring

Painting by Colette
Inspired by the artwork of Roy Lichtenstein
Painting by Ava
Inspired by the artwork of Vincent van Gogh
Painting by Josie
Inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso

Congratulations to all fifth grade artists! To celebrate the class of 2023 we have an art exhibit in Panther Hall gallery showing off our final art project. Our paintings were inspired by the art and style of our favorite artist and each canvas is accompanied by our thoughts on what creativity means to us.

"Creativity is to think above and beyond, 
to soar with the stars... 
to take something ordinary and make a beautiful masterpiece with it. "
- Grace 

"Creativity is daydreaming of your own world. "

"Creativity when I play basketball means making strategies. "
- Ankush 

"Creativity means you are free to express yourself while having fun. 
It is using your imagination and anything is possible! "
- Colette

"Creativity means that you can be free and be who you are. No one can judge you. 
You do what you want, not what someone else wants. You get to have your own imagination."
- Hamin 

"I get most creative when I have a piece of paper and a pencil. 
With them, you can draw whatever you want. I also find when reading something interesting, 
it makes me be creative in my head and I can picture what is happening."
- Lucia 

"Creativity means you can bend the rules and do whatever you want, and that's okay. means to accept all of the imperfections, 
the quirkiness and the curves."

To see all of our paintings, click on this link (Artsonia) to get to the Ranney School exhibit page at

THIRD GRADE . . . Painting a Still Life

Still Life by Desmond
Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) is a famous Post Impressionist artist from France. He often focused on the arrangements in a still life as his choice of subject matter. Cezanne studied the shapes and angles of his arrangements to create a dynamic composition.
    The composition of a still life is the most important thing to consider. Objects are often arranged on a table top in a way to create interest, to highlight color, and to keep our eyes moving across the scene. We began our still life paintings with a large oval bowl and filled it with fruit. To make the composition more interesting, we made sure that our shapes overlapped. When objects overlap, it is important to understand which one goes in front. We learned that the object or figure lowest on the page should be the one in the front.

Still Life by Elle
   Focusing on color application, we learned how to mix colors to create a sense of depth. The inside of our bowl is slightly darker than the outside to show where the light is hitting the arrangement. As well, each shape of fruit could be highlighted to show light and shadow.
   For even more interest, some of us added patterns or designs on the canvas to give us the impression of wallpaper or a table cloth.

Here are a few more still life paintings to enjoy! To see all of our paintings, click on this link (Artsonia) to get to the Ranney School exhibit page at

Still Life by Ethan S.
Still Life by James
Still Life by Layla
Still Life by Ava J.