Wednesday, May 7, 2014

GRAPHIC ARTS . . . Is it real or is it an illusion?

Graphic artists have their photographic illusions up in the gallery for our art exhibition. These prints have been noticed by everyone and are receiving rave reviews! Congratulations to all of our creative photographers and designers!!

This project began as a lesson on how to use a digital camera. We walked around the school and took pictures of scenes we wanted to manipulate on the computer. By adding a funny or ironic illustration, we were able to transform the scene visually and give it a new interpretation. Once the photos were uploaded to the computers and we selected one to manipulate, we drew a picture with traditional tools: a graphite pencil and paper. Then a photo was taken of the artist's hand holding the drawing. On Photoshop, working with layers and a few advanced tools, such as the lasso tool, free transformation, and the blur tool, our graphic artists merged the two images together. The final photograph should look like we were simply holding a drawing up in front of a scene and somehow it magically lined up! The illusion, though, was done on the computer with the magic of Adobe Photoshop.

To see all of our graphic art illusions for 4th and 5th grade artists, join us for our Parent's Day art exhibition in Panther Hall gallery during the month of May. Also be sure to check out the exhibition on by following this link...

Artwork by Ethan
5th grade graphic arts
Artwork by Matthew
5th grade graphic arts
Artwork by Thomas
4th grade graphic arts
Artwork by Jake
5th grade graphic arts