Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Congratulations to all of my Lower School artists for another successful year in art! I hope that everyone has a fun and relaxing time with their friends and families. Be sure to save some time to draw during your time in the sun and bring in your creative sketches to share with us in September. We would all love to see how you enjoyed your vacation away from school!

Here is my latest Featured Artist video for this year. Make sure the sound is turned on to hear the voices and artist statements of all of our artists. Well done everyone!

Monday, June 9, 2014

FIFTH GRADE . . . Crossing the Lawn!

Congratulations to all of my fifth grade artists! To celebrate the class of 2021 "Crossing the Lawn," we have an art exhibit in Panther Hall gallery that shows their favorite sketch pad drawings and their final painting project.

For their final paintings, students selected a piece of work by a famous artist that interested them, based on style and subject matter. Using their knowledge of drawing and color theory they learned in Lower School art, students created their own painting inspired by the work of their chosen artist.

Here are a few examples of our paintings. All of our work is on display in the gallery and can also be viewed in Here is the link for the Ranney home page at artsonia.

Artwork by Olivia B.

Artwork by Fatima

Artwork by Ava

Artwork by Ryan K.
Artwork by Tatiana L.
Artwork by Claire P.

Artwork by Jillian

Artwork by John K.

Artwork by Trent

Note to families...
This art blog will be updated regularly with new posts sharing our daily activities in the art room and news about upcoming art exhibits. To respect the privacy of our students, names will always be limited to first name only and identifiable photos will never be accompanied with a name. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write in the comment box below or send me an email at I would love to hear from you!
    In my class, students are given the chance to explore different materials and fun new techniques as they develop their signature style. Some young artists love to draw with a pencil, some like to paint on canvas or create images in a digital format, while others prefer working with clay and molding three-dimensional forms. In my classroom, we use a variety of materials allowing all artists to experiment and figure out which type of art they like the best. At Ranney School, we place a strong emphasis on originality and celebrate artistic differences, always nurturing and encouraging the imagination of every student.
     Remember to check out our display of finished artwork and student portfolios in the Ranney home page of

FIFTH GRADE . . . What Creativity Means to Me

To be creative is a goal we all have and fifth graders showed off their creative styles not only with their choice of painting but through their quotes. Here is what creativity means to us...

“Creativity comes from imagining something amazing.” – Julian B.

“Creativity is like an empty world with nothing in it and you use your brain full of ideas to fill it.” - Gordon R.

“Creativity means that you will take risks and be brave. I always feel creative when I sing because I feel like I can do anything and anything is possible.”  – Olivia B.

“Creativity means thinking of something from your mind and using it in drawing, music or life.” – Ethan T.

“Creativity is an instinct. Everyone has it. Creative people are just people who dare to use their instinct of creativity. The people that say they are not creative are just people who don’t let their creativity thrive.”-James G.

“Creativity is when you get lost in your work and have fun.” - Ben S.

“Creativity is knowledge doing its own thing.” – John L.

“Without creativity life would be dull. I like to make things up and draw what I like and feel. I like to sketch characters and animals. Creativity isn’t art; it’s a way of life.” – Peter W.

“When I think of creativity, I think of beautiful paintings and works of art. Creativity helps people express themselves. It means tons of bright colors and beautiful designs. When someone is creative they spend time on their work so that it can be perfected in different ways. Everyone is creative in their own way.” - Emerson G.

“Creativity means being able to express yourself freely.” - Anna C.

“Creativity means a spark, an idea, and having your own style. I love to dance, sing and act. In dance, creativity is moving to your own beat or when you do improv which is making a dance up on your own as you go. You have to put emotion into it. In acting, you have to put creativity into being the character and be the character, not the actor. In singing you don’t always have to belt it out. You should put your own voice into it. Overall, creativity means be yourself.” – Sarah P.

“Creativity lets you express yourself in any way you want. I feel creative when I play the violin. Even though I didn’t write the songs I play, I love the feeling of knowing that I can play the song. I feel accomplished when I play a piece well.”  – Samantha J.

What does creativity mean to you?