Friday, December 9, 2016

FIFTH GRADE . . . Let it snow!

This week in our sketchpads, we drew an animated snowman with our personalities! Here are a few that might make you smile and perhaps not mind the cold weather so much...

Sketch by Balkan

Sketch by Lindsay

Sketch by Jason

Sketch by Matteo

Sketch by Maddie


A favorite part of our art room class is learning how to express our creative ideas through independent activities. Drawing on our own, manipulating images on the ipad, and building temporary 3D sculptures with blocks are all part of the creative experience.

Our new Lego corner has a wonderful Lego wall, made out of mounted base plates. Now our artists can also create pictures with the colorful blocks and stand back to see how they look.

Lower School artists are also encouraged to explore 3D design and form by building colorful sculptures with the blocks too.

And as always, drawing is a wonderful way to fill your time here at school and at home. Students can draw from observation or do imaginative sketches for fun. Having the materials out and on display is usually all the incentive that is needed for some creative time!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

THIRD GRADE . . . Mannequin challenge

Today in art class, third graders continued to draw with their wooden artist models and then we took turn posing for each other. A model has to pose without moving which can be really hard to do! To get us all to see how difficult it is not just to draw a live figure, but to hold a pose, we tried our own mannequin challenge.

Here we are posing like models . . . or maybe mannequins?