Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Painting by Elle B., 3rd grade
After school clubs at Ranney School offer many different fun activities for our Lower School students to enjoy. All year, LS artists can sign up for the art club, and with our winter session we focused on painting. Students in my club were welcome to choose any subject to paint. Many picked a realistic image such as Elle's amazing fox, and others wanted to work in more of a cartoon style or a graphic image. Ava was even inspired by Vincent van Gogh and painted her own version of Starry Night!

Some of my artists are still working to complete their canvases, but those not photographed here will still get to share their work with everyone in our spring art show later in the school year.

This is what we painted this winter . . .

Painting by Santino C., 3rd grade

Painting by Ava A., 2nd grade

Painting by Isabella P., 3rd grade

Painting by Brandon S., 5th grade

Painting by Caitlyn C., 3rd grade

Painting by Giancarlo C., 3rd grade

Painting by Marcella L., 3rd grade

Painting by Sabrina L., 3rd grade

Painting by Sammy L., 2nd grade

Painting by Tyge F., 5th grade

Painting by Savanna S., 2nd grade