Friday, May 5, 2017

BEGINNERS . . . Spring watercolors!

Beginners continued to practice their art skills with this Springtime art project. Drawing circles all around a center circle with a black crayon makes a perfect blossom for our Spring art show. We used a small brush with lots of water and a strip of watercolors to paint in our flowers. In the blossom above, Emerson chose to paint with blue and green watercolors. The stems was made with a straight line of green tempera paint.

Here are some more examples of our colorful flowers. All of our paintings will be on display in Panther Hall Gallery for Parent's Day. Come enjoy the talents of our youngest artists on stage and in the gallery!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

PRE - K . . . Spring Bouquets!

Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso painted this sweet picture of hands holding a bouquet of flowers. With a few colors of paint, a small brush, and a couple of thin markers, Pre-Kindergarten artists created their own version of this famous bouquet.

We started off by tracing our hand on paper. Then we were each given a palette of tempera colors on a paper plate. We painted circles of color for the centers of four flowers. Using the brush, we painted lines around the centers just like you might around a sun. This gave us the same look as Picasso's flowers. We used markers to add stems, and as Picasso did in his painting, we added our signature at the bottom.

Here are a few more of our Spring bouquets! To see all of our flower paintings, follow this link to