Friday, February 21, 2014

Our first published eBook!

One of my favorite things to do as a teacher at Ranney School is to share what we do in my art classroom with everyone in the Ranney community. I am so proud of the creative efforts of all of my students and I want to give them every opportunity to see their artwork displayed, both in the galleries at school and digitally on the computer. With my art blog, for example, I can post videos, pictures and stories directly from our classroom, and through Artsonia, every student has their own digital portfolio of artwork from all their grades in school. (If you are still not registered as a family to, please send an email to and I'll reply with your child's registration code.)

My latest list of Featured Artists for Lower School is now highlighted in an eBook you can download onto your iPad or iPhone. If you have an iPad or iPhone, or know someone who does, make sure you have the iBooks app installed. (It is a free app to download.) In this app, search the store for RANNEY SCHOOL FEATURED ARTISTS, and download the book to your app. (Again, a free download.) It will be found under the category of education.

This eBook not only sits on your virtual bookshelf in the app, it opens with animated pages that turn using the swipe of your finger and it has an audio feature as well! By pressing the interactive play button for sound on the pages of the book, you can hear the voices of our students as they offer an artist statement. I hope you all enjoy our first published eBook!