Monday, June 1, 2015

KINDERGARTEN . . . We are published authors and illustrators!

Ranney School is filled with Kindergarten Monsters . . . Monsters painting pictures! Monsters playing a musical instrument! Monsters reading a book!

Our Kindergarten artists drew pictures of what they might do if they brought a monster to school. As we learned all year, art should tell a story. Along with their pictures, we recorded everyone's voice telling the story of their monster at school.

To share our work with EVERYONE, our stories were published as an original and interactive audio book, available in the iTunes bookstore as a free download into any apple device, such as an iPad, an iPhone, an iPod touch or a Mac computer.

To download the book follow these simple steps:
1. Add the iBooks app to your iPad or other apple device. (It is a free app). iBooks allows you to view our book as interactive audio book with swiping pages and sound.
2. Either click on the link below to access the book, or it can be searched directly through the iTunes bookstore on your iPad by simply typing in: Monsters at Ranney School. Our book is listed under the category of education and is a free download.
3. Once the book downloads, open it in your iBooks app. Press the sound key on each page to hear everyone's story!

Cover Art

Monsters at Ranney School

Category: Education