Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day of Art!

During our first day in the art room, we talked about the Ranney School Honor Code and how important some of the words in our Honor Code are to art. For example, we should be RESPONSIBLE for our own actions, for the supplies we share, and for the safety of ourselves and others. TOLERANCE in the art room refers to being nice to our friends and always looking for ways to encourage someone's creative efforts. It is never okay to tease or make fun of a project, especially when the drawing or painting is out on the table for everyone to see. We can all think of something nice to say about a work of art. Perhaps you like the colors that were used, or the idea for the project. Being a good friend in art class is encouraging others to feel proud of their work.

Sharing brand new crayons

Meeting new friends in First Grade and learning about 3D art