Friday, December 16, 2016

BEGINNERS . . . Bring on the snow!

Snowman by Logan

Beginners are continuing to become more confident artists, drawing and painting circles. Our snowmen paintings began with three large circles painted with a big brush and white paint. We added paper hats, scarves with fringes, and carrot-shaped noses. These young artists also added twigs for arms, a face and buttons going down the front of their well-dressed but very cold friends. Happy winter everyone!

To see all of our snowmen paintings, visit our portfolios at ...

Snowman by Aaliya

Snowman by Henry
Snowman by David

SECOND GRADE . . . A still life arrangement

Still life by Juily

Second graders completed their still life studies in art class. We created an arrangement of round objects on a table and many of the students added colorful tablecloths with an interesting background too.

Every round object we created began with a circle or an oval. The top of a vase or a bowl looks like a circle when you look straight down at the object, but when it is placed on an table and you see it from a distance, the top circle appears more as an oval. Even the bottom line of the vase appears to have the same curve as the oval at the top. Understanding how to represent a round object on paper helps us to better see the form. Once we created an interesting arrangement with overlapping objects and added in the details of our fruit, the table and the background, we had fun coloring in our scenes.

Here are a few more wonderful examples of our still life drawings. You can see everyone's work by following this link to

Still Life by Brooks

Still Life by Ava

Still Life by Brooke

Still Life by Cash
Still Life by Lexi

Note to families...
This art blog will be updated regularly with new posts sharing our daily activities in the art room and news about upcoming art exhibits. To respect the privacy of our students, names will always be limited to first name only and identifiable photos will never be accompanied with a name. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write in the comment box below or send me an email at I would love to hear from you!
    In my class, students are given the chance to explore different materials and fun new techniques as they develop their signature style. Some young artists love to draw with a pencil, some like to paint on canvas or create images in a digital format, while others prefer working with clay and molding three-dimensional forms. In my classroom, we use a variety of materials allowing all artists to experiment and figure out which type of art they like the best. At Ranney School, we place a strong emphasis on originality and celebrate artistic differences, always nurturing and encouraging the imagination of every student.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

KINDERGARTEN . . .Painting like Eric Carle

Many of our students in Kindergarten are familiar with the illustrations and stories of Eric Carle books. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?” are two examples of his popular stories. Eric Carle’s “The Artist who Painted a Blue Horse,” is the book we are using as inspiration for our newest project.

Eric Carle created his illustrations as a collage of cut, painted papers.  To do our project, we looked carefully at the color wheel in the art room. If we want to paint with more than one color, as Eric Carle did with his blue horse (there are strokes of purple in his blue horse!), it helps to choose two colors close to each other on the color wheel. Yellow and orange would work together, as would blue and green. Any color painted with white is another option. And if two primary colors mix together, such as yellow and blue, we will also have a secondary color (in this case, green) where the two colors blend together.

Our painted papers turned out as beautiful paintings and they deserve to be shown off before they are turned into animals! Abstract artists work hard to achieve this level of beauty and design with just a few brush strokes. After the holidays, we will be cutting our animal shapes out of our painted papers and painting a background for the scenes. Here are a few examples of our work in progress...

Painting by Andrew
Painting by Ayla

Painting by Ben

Painting by Christo

Painting by Holden

Painting by Katya

PRE-KINDERGARTEN . . . Our colorful forests

Forest scene by Matthew
The autumn sky is always filled with such brilliant colors and we filled our wonderful forest scenes with so many colors! The background is painted with just primary colors, but we were able to also create lovely shades of green, orange, and purple everywhere the watercolors blended together. To create the bark for the trees we drew random lines on brown paper and then cut the paper into strips. We are still learning how to control our scissors properly and any irregularly cut edges made for the most realistic looking trees! The adorable animals were drawn separately and then the entire scene was glued together as a collage.

Here are a few more examples of our artwork. To see all of our forests, check out our home page of with this link...

Forest by Maya

Forest by Oliver

Forest by Lily

Forest by Lila