Monday, February 27, 2017

ART CLUB . . . Paper Mache animals!

Side view of dog by Savanna S., 3rd grade

Front view of dog by Savanna S., 3rd grade

Our after school art club this session worked with materials to make 3 dimensional art! Beginning with photos of an animal each student selected on the computer with views from the front, the sides and the back, we created our animal forms with bundles of newspaper and masking tape.

After we were happy with the head, body, legs, ears and any other special detail of the animal, we covered them with plaster strips.
This was a messy but fun step! Small plaster strips were dunked in containers of warm water and wrapped around the animals. We worked in pairs for part of this step to make it easier to hold the animals still while wrapping them.

After the plaster dried, we had fun painting the animals. The bright paints really give our sculptures a bold and colorful personality!

Here are more pictures of our finished animal sculptures! To see them all and different views of each one, follow this link to our home page of

Sculpture by Alexa H., 2nd grade

Sculpture by Ava A., 3rd grade
Sculpture by Lyla G., 2nd grade

Sculpture by Caitlyn C., 4th grade

Sculpture by Lukas V., 3rd grade
Sculpture by Ryan H., 3rd grade
Sculpture by Rory H., 2nd grade