Friday, December 2, 2016

GRAPHIC ARTS . . . Stepping into a painting!

Wouldn't it be great to back in time and pose for Leonardo da Vinci? You could become as well known as the Mona Lisa! How about if you were standing on the bridge to Giverny just as Claude Monet captured his impressionist scene? With digital magic, anything is possible!

Each graphic artist selected an image of a famous painting. Then they posed for a photograph in a way that would fit in with the action of the painting. These two digital images were merged together on the computer in Adobe Photoshop. We learned many techniques for this project, such as copying and pasting part of one image into another with the selection tool. We used an editing tool called free transform to adjust the size and angle of the photograph so that it fits perfectly in place. We learned how work with layers and when one layer should be transparent. The lasso tool outlines parts of the digital image and this allowed us to delete the real background of our photographs so that our images look like they stepped into the painting. Finally, using artistic filters, we could transform our photographs into an appearance that better matches the style of the painting.

Please note, to respect the privacy of our students, I did not label our work with the artist names. I hope you recognize everyone here. After all, we could become as famous as our paintings!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

FIFTH GRADE . . . Observational drawings

Our sketchpad assignment this week was to draw a realistic sketch of a fruit or vegetable. Student artists were able to choose any materials they wanted to draw with and they were asked to use their observational skills. They were focusing on the shape of the fruit and paying close attention to interesting textures or blending of colors. How many of these details did you notice the last time you grabbed an apple or a pear?

Sketch by Dylan O.

Sketch by James C.

Sketch by Jason W.

Sketch by Luke B.

Sketch by Riya S.

Sketch by Sophia L.

Monday, November 28, 2016


How do you see life in the future? "Google" has an art competition each year and they welcome young artists to submit a doodle idea for their home page. The theme for this year's Google Doodle is "The Future."

Here are some of our 5th grade art entries along with their descriptions about what life will be like years from now. Each drawing has been entered into the competition. Good luck to all of our contestants!

Lindsay B.
"Some people may think the future is full of flying cars and hover boards.
I think that the future will be full of cures for many diseases.
I have type 1 diabetes and my hope is that there will be a cure for everyone suffering with disease in the future."
Balkan Y.
"This is a Google Doodle about what I think Earth will be like in 1000 years.
There will be flying cars, alien robots, high tech watches and much more."

Gabriella S.
"Scientists recently discovered a way to live on Mars,
so it inspired me to make the future in space."

Gabrielle M.
"I believe the future will be beautiful, modern and bright."
Sophia L.
"The “G” in my doodle is supposed to be a robot. The two “O’s” represent ‘laser eyes’. 
The lower case “g” in my doodle is riding on a hover board of some type. 
The “L” in my doodle is a rocket and the “E” is an alien."

Riya S.
"For the “G”, I drew an earth with rings to represent a new planet. 
For the “O’s” I drew an alien doctor and for the "G" I drew an alien.
For the “L” I drew a new rocket ship and for the “E” I drew a flying car."

Starlette D.
"I drew everything I would see in the future.
The bubbles deliver instead of trucks. Flying shoes are everywhere."
James C.
"The future will be a cool place with lots of technology."

Sunday, November 27, 2016

AFTER SCHOOL ART CLUB . . . Our paintings!

I hope you all had the pleasure of seeing the artwork in our Lower School exhibit in Panther Hall Gallery! The show will remain up for part of December for your enjoyment and creative appreciation.

These are the beautiful After School art club paintings that we displayed along the windows of the gallery. These canvases will go home with the artists before the winter holidays.

Sabrina L., 4th grade

Rianna K., 4th grade

Ava G., 4th grade

Mara M., 3rd grade

Joy E., 2nd grade

Sloane P., 2nd grade

Alexa H., 2nd grade

Claire G., 2nd grade

Rory H., 2nd grade

Ava G., 4th grade

Crystal A., 2nd grade

Lyla G., 2nd grade

Ava A., 3rd grade