Wednesday, February 14, 2018

SECOND GRADE . . . A Norman Rockwell Scene

Gianna E.

Second graders created landscapes of Ranney School. Can you recognize some of the buildings in Gianna's illustration? She drew a remarkable likeness of the Clock Tower, the Lower School building, the GPA and the Commons. But even more impressive are her details of the winter tree, the flag waving in the sky, the school bus filled with children, and the lovely and creative sky. We look at and admire these details to better appreciate her story of Ranney School.

Inspired by the artwork of Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), we saw how the amazing details of Rockwell's scenes help capture our interest and tell us his story about life in 20th century America. The image below is a street scene of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, the town where he lived. Norman Rockwell not only included the buildings on Main Street in Stockbridge, but he filled his painting with people and cars passing by to give us a sense of what life was like in his town. We can also tell it takes place during December by the Christmas decorations on the buildings, the bare trees outside, and the snow on the ground.

To create our landscapes, we looked carefully at the architectural details of the buildings on our campus. For the most part, the buildings all start off as a rectangle and many of them have a triangular roof just over the front door. Adding special details, such as the windows, the columns, a flag, a winter tree, a sign, and kids playing outside, help to describe what we see at our school.

Here are some more wonderful examples of our landscapes. To admire all of our work, follow this link to our exhibit page on

Scout M.

William K.

Ava C.

Timmy K.
Alina P.

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