Wednesday, February 8, 2017

PRE-KINDERGARTEN . . . Sharing a sparkling sticker!

Rainbow Fish by Marlena

Pre-Kindergarten students just completed an underwater scene with watercolor paints and markers, based on the illustrations in the book, "The Rainbow Fish," by Marcus Pfister. In this story, we read about a beautiful fish who learned the way to true happiness only after sharing his special scales with the other fish in the sea. What activities do you do at home that is more fun when you share them with your friends? Doesn't it feel good when you make someone you care about feel special too?

Here is a video of the story we read together in class to share with your family...

To create our paintings, we first learned how to draw a fish using basic shapes, such as a circle and a triangle. We also learned how to add scales inside the fish and how to complete a full underwater scene with an ocean bottom, plants, starfish, crabs and bubbles in the water.

Next, we created the ocean with a large brush, lots of water and blue watercolor paint. With markers, we colored each detail in the scene. Finally, when all the scenes were complete, we shared a sparkling sticker with every fish and friend in class!

Here are some examples of our underwater scenes. To see all of our work, click on this link for artsonia. com and scroll down to the Pre-K exhibit.

Rainbow Fish by Odin

Rainbow Fish by Kaitlyn

Rainbow Fish by Sal

Rainbow Fish by Sharnagat

Rainbow Fish by David

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